Top 3 for Poems

We all need to get things off our chest – to let off steam. Here are three places to do just that. Whether you want to read yourself or sit back and listen – show up at these three open mic nights and get your needs met.

3) Close to Valby, in Sjælør lies Ord i Karens Minde – (words at Karens Minde) - a chance to have 3 minutes to show your stuff. This event is relatively new and debuted just last year. Growing in popularity. Cozy and intimate – an event held the first Wednesday of every month. Should you choose to read you have a stage to read from. This has an old-school clubhouse kind of feel – super cool location for poetry.

2) At Ord & Cocktails – (words and cocktails), grab a tasty drink, listen to two professionals read from their books, before the mic is open for talented people with something to share. Held at the ‘Rusty Jigger’ – it is a great community atmosphere with sofas to sit on while you enjoy a poem. You really feel rooted for when you get up and share – an uplifting environment with an attentive audience. This event doesn’t quite have a traditional stage – but that can perhaps ease the pressure of reading your piece aloud. It is located by Carlsberg St. allowing for easy transport. Catch this event the last Wednesday of every month.

1) The talent level is on full-display at Copenhagen Poetry Club – this is the place where you are most likely to encounter English poets baring their souls. Set at jazz-club La Fontaine, right downtown, step up to the stage for your chance to share. A spacious venue with an indoor space for smokers that still manages to be separate from the rest of the venue. Thought-provoking words make for great discussion – people often stay here and debate the night after the reading. This really adds to the feeling of being heard. Show up the first Monday of every month to participate in the reading fun.

Photo credit: Michael Juhl Svendsen

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